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Everything you wanted to know about cat sitters

(but were afraid to ask)

In addition to the other humans in my home, I also share my home with two cats, a dog, and, recently, a wobbly hedgehog. All my critters have special needs and are in their golden years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am blessed to be loved by them and the little caretaking I perform for them is a very small price to pay for their affection.

I have been working as a cat sitter since 2010. Before then, I worked for 14 years at the SPCA and was passionate about placing special needs pets. My line of work has taught me how to approach shy cats, how to read their body language, how to administer medication without anyone getting hurt, and how to quickly identify which situations require immediate attention.

I am especially fond of older cats, and take great pleasure meeting new distinguished gentlecats and grand dames! I like giving them massages and listening to their daily stories while I am getting their food ready. I am as happy to see them as they are to see me.