Cat Sit Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes. Coverage provided by Verge Insurance Group.

My cat needs medication!

We will give your pets any required medication (provided your pet is reasonably willing). We’ve had plenty of experience with this.

What if my travel plans change?

Flights get delayed. You meet the one! on the beach at Cancun. Change happens. We get that.

With enough notice, we can accommodate most changes. Just let us know as soon as you can.

I’ve returned home from my trip. Why are you still coming over?

Please remember to contact us when you have returned! A text or an email is all we need to confirm that Mom/Dad are back.

For the safety of your pet, we will keep making daily visits, even after your scheduled return. Delayed flights happen more often than you’d think. We will make our best effort to contact you or your designated contact before extending your visit schedule. But if we can’t make contact, we’ll be showing up, and you’ll be billed for the extra visits.

What if zombies attack while I’m away?

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

We try to cover all possible scenarios in our service contract. Including zombies (you really should read our standard client contract).

Basically, you will designate an emergency contact person and a preferred care clinic. In the unlikely event that something goes sideways and your pet needs serious veterinary attention, we’ll always try to contact you first, then your designated contact, and if all else fails, we’ll use our best judgement.

Is the internet really made of cats?

Yes, yes, and yes. That’s just a science fact.